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The time accurate multichannel analyzer program for audio measurement technology, with special measurements for time correct crossovers, loudspeaker development, DSP application and acoustic room tuning.

The "ATB Audio Analyzer" has the high precision measurements RTA, SPL, impedance, electrical frequency response, phase measurement and distortion.

The program is characterized by the display of precise temporal processes. Distances and delays can be measured automatically calibrated very accurately. This accuracy is necessary to develop crossovers and loudspeakers with the correct time or to adjust the delays in the DSP perfectly.

This is the only way to achieve an optimal adjustment of the individual frequency bands or the subwoofer.

When programming the DSP crossover, the "ATB Audio Analyzer" phase measurement reliably shows the filter characteristics and the correct polarity of the speakers.

With the simultaneous measurement of volume and distortion, the DSP is controlled to avoid digital and analog clipping, the basis for distortion-free sound. When correcting the room with the DSP, the waterfall diagram shows the correct setting and optimization. By the cosine burst measurement resonances, modes, and reflections are shown distinguishable. This is important to be able to design and decide acoustic tuning measures correctly by distinguishing resonance and reflection.

The application runs under Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and 11.

The program has a modern interface that is easy to use and allows flexible use and simple practical handling even for mobile touch screens.

The special time correct and precise features of the "ATB Audio Analyzer" program are:
  • Automatic time-correct calibration via the computer, its hardware and operating system, and the sound card.
  • By the automatic correction with the time correlation and the measurement signals ATB periodic noise and Longchirp sinus, frequency and especially phase responses are measured precisely and repeatable for the developer reliably.
  • The acoustic, electrical and impedance measurements have their own specialized menus.
  • High-resolution frequency analyzer as well as real-time analyzer with third-octave display (RTA = Real Time Analyser)
  • Distortion measurement with display of THD or the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th order harmonics.
  • Memory oscilloscope with sophisticated trigger function as well as synchronization with the generator
  • Generator for sine, square and cosine burst as continuous signal or as burst with selectable period length as well as pulse for dynamic measurement analysis
  • Output of the surround channels, configurable depending on the sound card.
  • Waterfall diagram with cosine burst measurement signal for displaying transient response as well as resonances and reflections distinguishable
  • Waterfall with wavelet analysis
  • Room reverberation time measurement
The "ATB Audio Analyzer" measurement program is the successor of the "ATB PC Pro", which has proven itself thousands of times. With the ATB periodic noise measurement signal and special time windows the most accurate loudspeaker measurements are achieved. Only with the time-correct development that the "ATB Audio Analyzer" enables, perfect sounding results are achieved.
No compromises anymore about precision. Your computer become professional instrument for acoustical and electrical measurements.
Use touch screen of your Windows 10 notebook or tablet PC to execute any measurement. Interface reacts and provides suitable controls layout for any sceen orientation. Small external USB soundcard, compact adapter and microphone is everything you need to done your work.
Application provides set of tools with properly tunned interface that gives exactly your need to make desired measurement in easiest way.
Your acoustics can be precisly measured and evaluated using tools for sound pressure level, total harmonic distortions and 3D waterfall measurements. Also your electronics can be property checked using oscilloscope, magnitude, distance/delay and impedance tools.
Every part of your equipment can be calibrated inside application before of measurements to get allow you enjoy hi-precision results. Also built-in distance meter allows you to measure phase response of acoustics in right and exact moment of time.
You can always store settings of application according to used equipment and switch between such profiles easy. Also you can simply reproduce settings of measuremnt tool by already made result.